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Boeuf bourguignon
Chicken fricassee
Mediterranean salad
Veal stew

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Traditional french recipes:


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Almond trout

Apple pie french custard apple tart

Basque cake

Basque chicken

Braised beef rolls

Boeuf bourguignon beef stew

Bouillabaisse fish soup

Breast of chicken in cream sauce supreme de poulet

Cassoulet beans and meats

Cherry soup

Chicken fricassee halfway between saute and stew

Chicken tarragon

Chocolate mousse

Coq au vin chicken in red wine sauce

Crepe suzette pancake with orange in liqueur

Custard sauce sauce anglaise

Fish fillets poached in wine

Floating island egg whites and custard sauce

Frog legs

Gratin dauphinois potatoes melt with cheese

Lamb navarin lamb stew

Lobster Thermidor

Mediterranean salad salade nicoise

Mussels marinieres mussels in wine sauce

Onion pie from Alsace

Onion soup

Poached eggs

Pot au feu boiled beef, pork and chicken with vegetables

Quiche Lorraine bacon and egg pie

Ratatouille eggplant casserole with tomatoes, zucchini and onions

Risotto also called braised rice, pilaf or pilau

Roast chicken

Roast Chicken Provencal with herbs from Provence and olive oil

Roast duck in orange sauce


Scrambled eggs oeuf brouillés in whipping cream

Sole meuniere sole fillets in butter sauce

Steak tartare Raw beef meat with capers and olive oil

Strawberry charlotte dessert with strawberry cream and ladyfingers

Tapenade black olives butter from Provence

Tomatoes provencale tomatoes with breadcrumbs

Veal stew blanquette de veau

Veau marengo Veal stew with mushrooms and tomatoes

Water cress soup with leeks and potatoes

Bearnaise - Hollandaise - Mayonnaise - Aioli - Tartare
- White sauce

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